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  Rolyan Incremental Wrist Hinge
Hinge with two-part splint base to position the wrist in the desired amount of flexion or extension. For wrist & base of MCP fractures & dislocations, contractures of the wrists, tendon, or nerve repair & carpal tunnel release.
• Adjustable from full extension to full flexion
• Hinge adjustments are made increments of 10°
• Thermoplastic material and straps sold separately • Hinge must be place on radial side of hand
SKU Legacy Description
081268614 A352100 Right 081268622 A352101 Left
    Rolyan Individual Line Guides & Polyform Attachment Pieces
These accessories make splinting easier, faster & more precise. Rolyan’s Individual Line Guides & Polyform Attachment Pieces are compatible with Rolyan splinting material, specifically for dynamic splinting purposes.
• Designed to be used by medical professionals
• The guides & attachments create a small pulley • Untreated Polyform bonds to splinting materials • Durable & latex free
081262997 081425776
Legacy Description
A1791 Pack of 10 564345 Pack of 25
  Rolyan Individual Units for Flexion and Extension
Typically ideal for one or two digits, the pre-bent outriggers can be placed on fingers or over metacarpals. For perfect positioning of MCP, PIP or DIP joint in flexion or extension, each outrigger can hold one rod adjuster.
• Rods (5) & rod adjusters (5)
• Outriggers (5) & tip protectors (5)
• 4” tension-adjustable finger loops (5) • D-string straps (5) & Allen key (1)
Legacy Description
553235 Pre-Bent Outriggers
081283027 A6012 Adjustable Outrigger Kit for Extension
                              Dynamic Splinting Accessories

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