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                              Foot & Ankle
     Rolyan Heel Boot
Easy to adjust with Velcro straps, the boot suspends the heel over an air cavity to comfortably promote healing, prevent plantar flexion & avoid development of pressure sores & ulcers.
• Positions foot in dorsiflexion to reduce foot drop • Open heel promotes airflow & improves comfort • Maximum protection against shear damage
• Washable antimicrobial fabric absorbs moisture
081567973 081567981 081595255
Color Description
Anti-Rotation Wedge
 Rolyan Knit Ankle Sleeve
Provides intermediate compression with open heel and toe. Seamless, special knit design helps prevent bunching for increased comfort. Neutral beige color.
• Provides intermediate compression and support
• Helps support weakened muscles and injured ankles • Knit design helps prevent bunching for comfort
• Breathable fabric with open toe & heel
081039403 081039411 081039429 081039437
Legacy Description
55003805 Small 55003806 Medium 55003807 Large 55003808 X-Large
 Rolyan Lower Extremity TAP (Tone And Positioning) Splint
Assists with normalizing gait patterns by providing a slow stretch from ankle to hip. Ideal for hypotonicity or mild to moderate hypertonicity, MS, lower extremity paralysis or weakness. Fits comfortably in shoe & over orthotics.
• 2” wide strap fits most children 3 to adolescent
• 3” wide strap fits adolescents & adults
• Foot inversion also provides hip external rotation • For eversion, internal hip rotation occurs
081295492 081295500 081295518 081295526
Legacy Description
A834400 Youth A - Inverts Right Foot or Everts Left Foot A834401 Youth B - Inverts Left Foot or Everts Right Foot A834402 Adult C - Inverts Right Foot or Everts Left Foot A834403 Adult D - Inverts Left Foot or Everts Right Foot

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