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  Rolyan Neoprene Universal Wrist Wrap
Ideal for adding warmth for hand arthritis & joint pain, the neoprene wrap provides moderate compression & additional support for recovery.
• Limits range of motion
• Easy to apply with one hand • Loops through the thumb
• Fits either right or left hand
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081301167 A9521
    Rolyan Palm Protector
Intended for moderate to severe finger spasticity & contractures, the palm protector acts as a buffer between the hard edges of the fingernails & the soft skin of the palm of the hand.
• Closed-cell foam lined with soft Sherpa fabric
• Features hook & loop straps for easy adjustment • Used to ease the hand out of a flexed position
• Prevents painful skin breakdown of the palm
081292655 081292663 081292671 081292689 081292697 081292705
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A81201 Left with Finger Separators - Single A81202 Right with Finger Separators - Single A8121 Left - 3 Pack
A812101 Left - Single
A8122 Right - 3 Pack A812201 Right - Single
  Rolyan Palm Shield
Helps prevent finger contractures and skin breakdown in the palm of a severely tight hand. The large thumb piece provides excellent thumb positioning & the finger separators help reduce skin breakdown.
• Large thumb cutout allows positioning & comfort • Can be easily trimmed with scissors for custom fit • Hand wash protector & air dry (do not wring)
• Finger separators help to reduce skin breakdown
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081292978 A812401 Left 081292986 A812402 Right

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