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     Rolyan Universal Thumb Spica Splint
The Rolyan Universal Thumb Spica Splint features an adjustable stay that increases support along the thumb while allowing the fingers & palm to maintain full range of motion. This brace offers a great balance of support & f reedom.
• Two sizes available to accommodate any arm size • Designed to be worn on both the right & left hand • Equipped with adjustable straps for a perfect fit
• Ideal rehabilitation aid for stabilizing the thumb
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081607423 Short 081607431 Long
   Rolyan Universal Wrist/Thumb Support
Engineered to help relieve pain associated with arthritis, tendonitis or aching joints, the seamless wrist/thumb support helps reduce skin irritation & is ideal for daily wear.
• Removable aluminum stays • Helps stabilize the thumb
• One size fits most adults
• Wraparound wrist design
SKU Legacy
081301183 A9523
   Rolyan Upper Extremity TAP (Tone And Positioning) Splint
Indicated for use with orthopedic or neurological symptoms, the splint positions thumb in abduction to provide constant stretch in pronation or supination.
• Ideal for functional forearm/hand positioning
• Designed to reduce tone of the forearm & wrist • Hook & loop side opening for quick application • 1/8-inch thick neoprene strap can be trimmed
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