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  Rolyan Arm Restraint System
Used to help maintain arm in an extended position to prevent elbow flexion & keep the hands away from the face, mouth, head or IV tubing.
• Foam padding offers cushioned support
• Easily secure with hook & loop closures
• Flexible plastic insert limits elbow flexion
• Ideal for use in hospitals & healthcare facilities
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081194216 802201 Small - Pediatric
    Rolyan Elbow Pad
Designed to outlast foam padded or synthetic sheepskin products, the elbow pad is ideal for moderate positioning.
• Hypoallergenic & radiolucent • Available in one size fits all
• Hook & loop fasteners
• Heat/cold insulated
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081168590 6174
    Rolyan Elbow Pad
Made with synthetic sheepskin to maintain skin integrity, the foam padding is designed to wear on the elbow to help diffuse & distribute pressure for comfortable & prolonged use.
• Padding is insulated against heat/cold
• Hypoallergenic & radiolucent for X-rays
• Prevents ulcerations & skin breakdown
• In one size fits all with hook & loop closure
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081288943 A731500

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