Page 235 - Performance Health Product Guide 2021-22
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  Sammons Preston Economy Handheld Pulse Oximeter
Measuring for SpO2 and pulse rate, the handheld oximeter features adjustable audible & visual alarms, battery-low indicator, 99 ID setup as well as 72-hour data storage & review.
• For pediatric/adult use
• Features MedView software
• Protective rubber exterior
• Includes AA-alkaline batteries
   Sammons Preston Finger Pulse Oximeter
Designed to accommodate the widest range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult, the finger pulse oximeter is clinically proven to provide results within 8 to 10 seconds on a large digital LED display.
• Accurately measures SPO2 or pulse rate
• Indicated for non-invasive spot checks
• Featured dual color, OLED six-mode display • Two AAA-batteries that last up to 30 hours
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