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TheraBand Tubing, Active Recovery Kit, Light
Perform upper/lower body exercise, rehab & conditioning with this tri-color, light resistance tubing. Can be paired with TheraBand Accessories Kit.
• Track therapy progress & achieve fitness goals • Strengthen muscles with simple workouts
• Increases range of motion & improves flexibility • For home, gym, clinic, on-the-go
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081711001 Light
   TheraBand VECTOR
Designed to help achieve fitness goals in a safe & efficient manner, the gold standard TheraBand tubing is combined with the Vector Dial-In Progression System to maximize resistance training
• Ability to perform single & multi-vector exercises
• Easily adjust in minute intervals from 10-100 lbs
• Targets specific muscles & creates new challenges • Tubes need to be attached to a sturdy anchor point
SKU Description
7201020 Accessories - Long Torso Strap 7201019 Accessories - Thigh Cinch Strap 7201017 Accessories - Wall/Rack Anchor
TheraBand Wall Station
Features a multidimensional design with three planes of movement to teach patients the same proven TheraBand system of progression that can also be performed at home.
• For in-clinic strength training & rehabilitation
• Full color poster with 68 different exercises
• Adonized aluminum station mounted to the wall • Available in four colors of resistance tubing
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081413145 561258
                              Exercise Band & Tubing
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