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     Sammons Preston Bed Pull-Up
Pull-up assists users lying in bed to pull themselves up into an upright position without assistance. The cotton webbed strap features four 12” ladder rungs that allow user to out of bed & designed to attach to most bed frames.
• Constructed of durable wedding to support 200 lbs. • Easily installs on any bed frame with secure buckle • Ideal for home, residences, or nursing homes
• Assists those with lower extremity weakness
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081030535 5130
  Sammons Preston Clip for Feather Reach
Convenient clips keep reaching claws stored within reach on canes, walkers, wheelchairs, bed rails & more. A clip is essential for keeping your reacher nearby for when you need it most.
• Fits most reachers with tubing less than 7/8” in diameter • Made to be used for personal use & added convenience
• Reachers aid in picking up hard-to-reach objects
• Pack of 10 clips
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081286301 A665110
  Sammons Preston Cylindrical Foam Padding
Designed to be placed around a spoon, fork or knife handle, pen, toothbrush or other object to create a built-up handle. This makes it easier for people with weakened grasp, arthritis & other conditions to hold it securely.
• Foam creates a built-up handle for easier gripping • Use on dining utensils, pens, toothbrushes & more • For people with arthritis or weak grasp conditions • Closed-cell tubing, 1 yd. long, dishwasher safe
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081169754 6252 3/8” Bore - 1-3/8” Diameter
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