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                              Dressing Aids
     Sammons Preston Extra Long Dressing Stick
Designed to help extend your reach, use this dressing stick to hook a belt loop to pull up a pair of pants, push the shoulder of a sweater to take it off, or grab the end of a sock to remove it.
• Minimizes bending or twisting motion to reduce pain • Vinyl coated, double hook gently grips fabric
• Hardwood dowel with smooth lacquer finish
• Made to prevent snags on delicate clothing
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  Sammons Preston EZ Dresser
Designed for easy, independent dressing, this tool maintains 90-degree hip precautions. It’s excellent for use after a hip or knee replacement or back surgery & for people with arthritis & other conditions that prevent bending.
• This aid makes one-handed lower body dressing easy • To start, drape pants over middle cleat
• Then weave behind left and right cleats
• Insert feet, put on pants & you’re done
  Sammons Preston Multi Loop Leg Lifter
Safely promoting greater independence following hip surgery, knee or leg injury, the multi-loop leg lifter strap allows the affected leg to easily be maneuvered into place.
• Includes total of 5 loops
• Durable nylon webbing
• Helps improve mobility
• Accommodates any size foot
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