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  Sammons Preston Deluxe Hip/Knee Kit
For use after hip or knee replacement, the kit includes toileting aid, dressing stick, button hook, tylastic shoelaces, long scrub sponge & more.
• Relieves strain from bending at the hip
• Helps maintain user independence at home
• Includes variety of dressing/bathing aids
• Ensures user safety without needing assistance
   Sammons Preston Assistive Device Kit 4
Three aids combine to help individuals reach items & dress themselves without having to bend or get out of seat.
• Comes with bag that keep items in one place
• Pick up items with 26” Sammons Preston Reacher • Flexible Sock Aid puts on socks without bending
• Wear/remove clothes with Dressing Stick’s hook tip
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   Sammons Preston Assistive Device Kit 5
Users with limited hip mobility & reach will benefit from these everyday activity helpers. Helps with getting dressed without bending & reaching nearby items without getting up from chair.
• Comes with 3 devices to reach & dress
• 26” Sammons Preston Reacher grabs nearby items
• Stocking Aid w/Built-Up Foam Handles puts on socks • 26” Dressing Stick has hooks that grab clothes
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