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  Sammons Preston Walker Cuff
Hands slip easily into these padded cuffs, which are comfortable & relieve pressure. They feature imitation sheepskin liners. It provides the correct grip for optimal function with an open back design.
• Hook & loop closure secures cuff to walker • Provides comfort while using a walker
• Aids with grip & comes in one size
• Machine washable
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081226737 926500
   Sammons Preston Walker Glides
Serving as the perfect alternative to tennis balls for folding walkers, non-slip glides easily move over door jams & small barriers.
• Maneuvers on indoor/outdoor terrains
• Fits most walkers for improved mobility
• Durable & long-lasting rubber construction • Replacement glides offer quick installation
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081176635 6817
   Sammons Preston Walker Tray
Designed to support up to 10 pounds of weight, the tray is primarily used to transport food and beverages (hot or cold) from one place to another using a walker.
• Ideal for standard or wheeled walkers • Non-slip mat to secure plates & cups • Easily folds for transport & storage
• Attaches to front horizontal bar
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081290428 A772101 Standard 081554930 Bariatric

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