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  Rolyan Roller Scar Tissue Massage Tool
This scar tissue massager features an easy-to-use roller ball. It is effective in applying deep tissue massage for scar reduction. With an anatomically designed handle, it allows for one-handed use.
• Allows many grip positions for extended use
• Ideal for physical therapists or individuals
• Breaks down scar tissue to help reduce adhesions • Fits in hand for easy use. Latex free
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081292630 A8113
    Rolyan Scar Pump
Best used following tendon repair, grafting, or when skin adhesions limit range of motion, the plunger helps release internal tissue adhesions.
• Four different suction cups
• For scar massage & repair
• Detailed instructions included
• Draws skin away from adhesion
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081296003 A8391
    Sammons Preston Silicone Gel Sheets
Non-irritating to skin, the adhesive sheet helps improve the appearance of red, dark or raised scars, such as keloid & hypertrophic scarring, that is a result of reconstructive surgery, injury, or burns.
• May be trimmed to a desired shape or size
• Hypoallergenic 1/16” adhesive silicone gel sheets • Resistant to heat & humidity for up to 30 days
• Sheet readily contours to irregular surfaces
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081551050 566821 4.75” x 6” - 1 Sheet
                              Scar Management
 Prescription & Personal Care

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