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Wheelchair Supports
                    Sammons Preston®
Wheelchair Shoe
Holder. Made of durable
ABS plastic, it holds the foot se-
curely in position. Mounts to a footplate
with included nuts and bolts. Contoured sides
conform to the shape of the foot. Straps are made from strong, 1” webbing with a simple release buckle. Sold as a pair.
Item No.     Size   Price
Single Foot Elevating.
Attaches to the upper portion of the
legrest and footplate. The interlock bracket allows the foot support to be adjusted to multiple elevations for various leg sizes and shapes.
Item No.     W x H   Price
                                        081566595 Small 081566603 Medium 081566611 Large
LacuraTM Molded Footrest.
$40.35 $44.40 $49.45
563380   7"W x 8"H 563381   7"W x 14"H
$212.95 $314.95
                                       Clamp-on connection
Bolt-on connection
        Durable molded foam
construction provides
maximum comfort. The bolt-on design allows foot to swing com- pletely away for easy transfers. Heel cutout eliminates contact with heel, preventing pressure points and skin breakdown. Fits right or left footplate.
Item No.     Price
Single Foot Complete FeetTM. Supports and protects one foot and leg, allowing user to propel with the other. Heel cutouts reduce skin breakdown. Can be rotated away with leg rest during transfer.
Item No.     L xW xH   Attachment Price
A74844 A74845 929655 929656 562024
7.5" X 10" X 8" 7.5" X 10" X 8" 7.5" X 10" X 12" 7.5" X 10" X 12" 9.5"X 10" X 8"
Clamp-On $166.60 Bolt-On $150.45 Clamp-On $278.75 Bolt-On $250.45 Bolt-On $199.95
                                                                                                 LacuraTM Molded Shoe Holder. This new shape with parallel sides fits shoes better. Ankle strap slots are angled for a comfortable fit. Rear heel relief for high-tone individuals. Comes completely assembled, and then can be easily bolted onto existing footplate. Sold as a pair.
Complete FeetTM. Contoured leg trough with heel cutouts reduces skin breakdown. Attaches to wheelchair foot rest with heavy duty straps.
Item No.     W xH
Price $210.95 $210.95 $289.95 $339.95 $339.95 $406.95
                                 Item No. 081576479 081576487 081576495
Size     Price
A74840 A74841 A74842 929649 929650 929651
16" x 8" 18" x 8" 20" x 8" 16" x 12" 18" x 12" 20" x 12"
              Medium, 4"W x 6.5"D Large, 4.75"W x 8"D X-Large, 5"W x 10"D
$131.25 $131.25 $131.25
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