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                                                                 PVC Walkers     Mobility
    PVC Walker. Height adjustable walker has a solid base seat with cushion for extra comfort. A wider base provides better balance and safety while heavy-duty 4” casters provide added weight for better balance. Restraint-free opening/closing gate, adjustable safety belt, and personal pouch sewn into the backrest included. Weight capacity: 300-lbs. Latex free.
926937 Standard 562518 Wide
$412.20 $442.10
The Total Walker. Healthcare grade, rein- forced at all stress related areas, arms and seat are height adjustable. Restraint free opening/closing gate (standard with safety red strap), adjustable safety belt to help break accidental falls. Outriggers prevent unit from tipping. Height-adjustable arms 28.75” to 33.25”; seat height 20.25” to 24.75”; internal width 18”; walking space 15” (front of seat to gate). Overall dimen- sions 30.5”W x 35”L x 40.75”H. Weight capacity: 300-lbs.
081541762 $522.50
Arm Height
Gate Height
Width Between Handrails Seat to Floor
Seat Capacity
Standard 926937 26”- 29”
22”W x 36”D 18”W
25”W x 36”L 300-lbs.
Wide 562518
29”- 32”
26”W x 36”D 22”W
29”W x 36”L 375-lbs.
      Stroller/Walker. Ideal for confined spaces and easy maneuverability. Solid seat support base prevents sagging. 3” rustproof threaded stem casters. Walking space is 10”; weight capacity: 250-lbs.
563324 $366.90
Specifications Height to top of Handle
Internal Width
Overall Height Overall Width
Seat Height
33”- 36”
18” (Top of frame), 23” (Bottom of frame) 44” (To top of gate) 22” (Top of frame), 27” (Bottom of frame) 19”- 22”
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PVC Walker – Tall. Similar to PVC Walker, but designed for individuals who are 6’ to 6’6” tall. Arm height can be adjusted from 33” to 401/2”. Gate height adjusts from 39”- 461/2”. Seat-to-floor height is 22” to 29”. Internal width is 18”; seat 211/4”W x 131/2”D. Base measures 301/2”W x 35”D. Eight 3” threaded stem casters. Weight capacity: 300-lbs.
552518 $649.50

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