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                                                                 Forearm Crutches Mobility
            Days® Forearm Crutches.
These crutches feature durable pivoting arm cuffs with a maximum diameter of 31/2”. Handle to cuff is 9.75”. Contoured hand grips improve
user comfort. Weight capacity 300-lbs. Latex free. 081561802 Adult
Height adjusts 26.25”- 37.25”
weighs 4-lbs. 8-oz. (pair) $94.45 081561810 Tall Adult
Height adjusts 32.75”- 43.75” weighs 4-lbs. 12-oz. (pair) $94.45
  Millenial Smart Crutch. Features an adjustable, large padded forearm surface area which can be an- gled for user comfort and weight bearing distribution. The molded handgrip has a vinyl grip. The forearm support can be adjusted from 22.5° to 90°. The length is adjustable from 34”- 44.5”, measured
from the crutch tip to the center axis of the cuff. The 4” wide cuff is length adjustable from 11”- 12.5”. Crutches are marked for Left/Right-hand use. Articulated tip. Sold in pairs.
081530666 Black $247.40 081530674 Blue $247.40
Platform Forearm Crutch. Crutches have easy-change pads, hook and loop closure
on forearm rests. Grips are angle adjustable. Crutches are of 1” bright dipped anodized aluminum tubing. Push button adjustment allows 1” increments. Youth sized fits from 32”to 41”, adult size fits 42”- 51”. Weight capacity 250-lbs. Weighs 2-lb. 2-oz. Tip con- tains latex.
Walk Easy Adult Platform
Crutch. Hook and loop-fastened U-shaped sleeve. Contoured grip angle and distance adjustable using single bolt. Height from floor to grip adjusts 36”- 44”. 220-lb. weight capacity. 55256201 Blue $194.90 55256202 Black $194.90
6080 Youth /Adult 926908 Adult / Tall
552974 Pivoflex Replacement Tip
$318.44 $336.12 $9.05
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