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              Homecraft Queens Angled Cutlery. 11⁄4”D x 35⁄8”L built-up handles increase comfort for those with weak or painful grasp. Lightweight stainless steel in plastic handle. Institutional dish- washer safe. BPA and Phthalates free.
AA5510A AA5511RA AA5512RA AA5512LA AA5511LA
Angled Knife $13.05 Right-Hand Angled Fork Right-Hand Angled Spoon
Left-Hand Angled Spoon Left-Hand Angled Fork $13.05
  $13.05 $13.05
     Save $ money when you purchase the 3-piece set!
Angled Utensils
     Economy Coated Bendable Built-Up Handle Utensils.
Lightweight, open-ended steel cylinders design makes it easier to assist self-feeders. Shaft can be bent to a right or left angle to fit individual needs. Coated with tough plastic for improved grasp. Dishwasher safe to 180°F. 4” long, 1” diameter handles. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.
557103 Teaspoon, 75⁄8”L $11.10
557104 Fork, 81⁄2”L $11.10
557105 Tablespoon, 81⁄2”L $11.10
557106 Plastisol Coated Teaspoon, 75⁄8”L
          Molded finger grips
Comfort Grip Curved Utensils. Built-up 7⁄8” diameter handles with molded finger grips and curved design minimize upper extremity
movement. Top-shelf dishwasher safe. Not meant for institutional dishwashers. Latex free.
   Left-Hand Angled AA554631L   Fork
Right-Hand Angled
$15.82 $15.82 $15.82
$15.82 $15.82 $15.82
Deluxe Easy-Hold Utensils. Knife blade cuts in both slicing
and rocking motion. Offset spoons and sporks are ideal for those with decreased upper extremity control. Dishwasher safe to 180°F. Polypropylene handle is 41⁄2” long and 1”–3⁄4” in diameter and overall 8”L. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free. Stainless steel.
1438   Knife $18.20
1440 Offset Spoon, Right Hand
1442 Offset Spork, Right Hand
1439   Fork $18.20
144001 Offset Spoon, Plastisol Coated, Right Hand
1441 Offset Spoon, Left Hand $18.20
1443 Offset Spork, Left Hand $18.20
144101 Offset Spoon, Plastisol Coated, Left Hand
Soup Spoon AA554633L   Teaspoon
Set of 3 (1 of Each) Comfort Grip Right Hand Angled
Soup Spoon Teaspoon
$18.20 $18.20
Right-hand angled Fork, Soup Spoon, Teaspoon
$20.20 $20.20
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