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                                                                Jar, Bottle & Can Openers
    Great in kitchen, bathroom, garage – anywhere!
  Multi-Purpose Power Grip. Designed for individuals with limited hand or finger strength, this lightweight, handy helper concentrates the power of the entire hand onto its slip-resistant jaws. Opens bottles, jars, doors, childproof medicine bottles; pulls up socks; lifts pans; holds nails; pulls plugs out of electrical sockets, etc. Picks up items paper-thin to 4” thick. Pocket sized. High impact plastic. Latex free.
A681100 $56.56
 EZ Squeeze One-Handed Can Opener.
The EZ Squeeze removes lids quickly and easily with only one hand. Pierce the lid with the cutting wheel and simply squeeze the handles to open the can. Magnetized tip of handle then lifts cut lid safely and easily. Latex free. 081686443 $39.45
Easy Opener. All-in-one product easily opens bottle caps, pull tabs and even box tops! Constructed to provide user safety. Sold individually.
555599 $5.55
One touch of your finger opens a can.
Large contoured, nonslip handle
for better leverage
Good Grips® Jar Opener. Place the jar on the removable base to keep jars from sliding. This will reduce the amount of force needed to open the jar. Position the sharp, stainless steel teeth on the
jar lid. Use the large, contoured, nonslip handle for better leverage and twist in the direction of the arrow. Can be used by left- or right-handed. Can accom- modate large jars or small bottle tops. Dishwasher safe.
   Our Popular One Touch Can Opener. Instead of using a large electric can opener to avoid having to turn the knob, put this small (61⁄2” x 21⁄2”) unit on top of the can and it automatically cuts
it open from the side. You press the top button to start it and when the lid is cut off, it has no sharp edges. Use it on a small, medium or large can. Uses 2 AA batteries.
564211 $38.40
Under-Counter Jar Lid Opener.
Consists of hardened steel knurled gripper mounted in a tough plastic housing. Installs under cabinets or coun- ters to aid in opening jar lids from 3⁄8” to 3” in diameter. Latex free.
3088 $18.20
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