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       Supportive reclining backrest
The gently contoured seat and backrest provide comfort and support when lowering and reclining between 10° and 40°.
 Bathmaster Deltis Specifications
Average Number of Lift Cycles
Battery charging time Warranty
Back Angle Backrest Weight Base
Seat Dimensions
Seat Height
Seat Weight
Maximum User Weight
Six (Based on 220-lb load)
One hour
Three years on all parts
263⁄4” x 133⁄4”
Tilts to 40˚
81⁄4 lbs
22” x 111⁄2”
193⁄4” x 143⁄4” excluding side flaps 193⁄4” x 28” including side flaps 23⁄4” to 18”
15 lbs
309 lbs
Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift
                       Super fast, one-hour charging time. Fastest time in the industry!
Bathe independently
and affordably
with ease
Getting in and out of the bath with Deltis is easy with
this premium bathlift. It can be separated into two parts for easy installation, removal and transport. High-quality materials and construction offer the ultimate in safety and comfort—no servicing required.
Bathmaster Deltis. The latest battery technology ensures high per- formance. The hand controller is small, lightweight and easy to use. It floats for an easy recovery if dropped and the lithium ion batteries provide improved performance and battery life. The Bathmaster Deltis has a compact frame that fits virtually any tub and is one of the lightest reclining bath lifts available. It includes large side flaps and an optional swivel seat that allows easy transfer in and out of the bath. The sturdy motor provides long term durability. The water- proof motor is designed for long term protection against failure or damage. The controller plugs in, preventing damage to leads during transport. Includes a three-year warranty.
• Lightweight construction • Latest battery technology • Compact frame
• Warning light when charging • Sturdy motor
Deltis Bathlift 081564590 Accessories 081577808 081577816
Deltis Bathlift with Blue Cover
Blue Standard Cover (For Deltis only) Swivel Seat with Blue Cover (For Deltis only)
Replacement Charger (For Deltis and Sonaris2)
Replacement Hand Controller/Battery (For Deltis and Sonaris2)
Swivel Transfer Seat with Blue Cover Replacement Pack of 4 Suction Feet (For Deltis and Sonaris2)
$57.96 $106.05
$131.30 $29.95
Sturdy motor ensures long-term durability
The waterproof motor is designed for years of security against
failed operation or damage. The controller plugs in, preventing damage to leads during transport.
Compact frame fits
virtually any bath tub Accommodates almost all tubs yet maintains great stability. Large side flaps and optional swivel seat allow easy transfer in and out of the bath.
One of the lightest re- clining bathlifts available Convenient holding points pro- vide effortless transport and storage. Durable, lightweight plastic design keeps it easy to clean and free of corrosion.
Three-year warranty
The user can rest easy with Deltis’ three-year guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship.
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333

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