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                                                                 MJM Shower & Bath Transfer Slide Chairs     Bathing
  MJM exclusives and advantages:
• One step locking system plus the entire chair section is always secure when station of moving
• Healthcare grade PVC pipe and fittings
• Works with all standard bath tubs
• Chair & transfer section are easily
connected and secured
• Dual reversible locking latches con-
nect the frames (chair section to transfer section)
• Height adjustable
• Entire frame and casters are
• Saves money on remodeling
• Total lock heavy-duty threaded stem
casters work well when transferring
• Footrest is vertically supported • Deluxe elongated soft seat
• Dual swing away arms make transferring in and out easy
• Reinforced at all stress-related areas • FDA Compliant and CE certified
• Heavy-duty, threaded stem
rust-proof casters
• 5-year warranty on frame, all
products extensively tested and reinforced at all stress-related areas
    All Purpose Dual Shower Chair/ Transfer Slide. Assists caregivers when transferring patients. Accommodates an 9” tub wall and features deluxe elongated open front soft seat and dual drop arm se- cured with safety red straps. 5” casters. 555462 $1,752.00
Pediatric Dual Shower Articulating Chair/Transfer Slide. Similar to Transfer Slide above, but sized for younger ones. Accommodates an 9” tub wall. 5” casters. 567069 $1,958.00
Tilt-N-Space Slider. This all-purpose dual shower/transfer chair features a one-step function locking system to simplify care- giver’s routine. 5” casters.
               Specifications Base
Internal Width External Width Seat Height Seat to arm Seat Opening Transfer Section Seat to Back Capacity
531⁄2”W x 21”D 18”
81⁄2”W x 12”D 28”
300 lbs.
Specifications Base
Internal Width External Width Seat Height Transfer Section Seat to Back Capacity
17”W x 28”D 133⁄4”
28” 25”H 250 lbs.
Specifications Base
Internal Width External Width Seat Height Transfer Section Seat to Back Seat to arm Capacity
551⁄2”W x 24”D 18”
28” 37”H 63⁄4”H 300 lbs.
 All Purpose Dual Shower Chair/Transfer Slide. Threaded adjustable height legs better accommodate both floors and tub. Rubber tips prevent sliding and movement. Dual reversible locking latches connect sections. Aluminum channel track provides optimum security and safety. Single lever spring loaded locking system for easier adjustment. Weight capacity is 300 lbs.
081551746 $2,061.00
The Woodlands PVC
Woodtone color for PVC blends perfectly with the popular trend for healthcare facilities
     Specifications Base
Seat Height External Width Internal Width
551⁄2” W x 19” D 24”
Seat Opening Seat to arm Seat to Back Transfer Section Capacity
141⁄2”W x 171⁄2” D 63⁄4”
19” H
300 lbs.
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