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                                   Homecraft Bath & Shower Chairs     Bathing
            Homecraft Sherwood Adjustable Stools. This sturdy stool’s padded seat slopes down toward the front to reduce the effort it takes to sit down and stand again. Use in the shower, or any room while sitting and resting during an activity. Seat is 11⁄2” lower in front than back. Rubber feet resist slipping and do not mark floors.
Stool with Padded Back and Armrests
Stool with Arms only
Stool with Back and Armrests
$202.50 $187.95 $145.15
AA1522         Stool
                Specifications Base
Between arms Seat
Floor to Seat Capacity
17”W x 161⁄2”D
13”W x 111⁄2”D
191⁄2”–251⁄2”H in 1” increments 336 lbs.
Homecraft Lightweight Padded Shower Chair. Height ad- justable with non-slip ferrules for safety. The frame is anodized aluminum with stainless steel fittings to be corrosion resistant. The seat and backrest are heavily padded for comfort. The armrests pro- vide additional security to the user and may be flipped backwards to enable side transfer.
554966 $238.36
Homecraft Lightweight Padded Shower Chair with Cut-Out.
Same as 554966 (above) with a cutout in the seat to allow for per- sonal cleansing and to aid in drainage.
554967 $212.48
Homecraft Adjustable Wheeled Shower Chair. Sturdy shower chair with curved plastic seat for comfort and drainage holes. Includes 4 braked casters, 3” in diameter.
081124510 $320.15
Sloped seats provide easier access to/from stool
Base 22”W x 24”D Between arms 18”W
Seat 16”W x 16”D
Seat to arm Seat Opening Floor to Seat Capacity
61⁄2”W x 131⁄2”D 171⁄2”–211⁄2”H 299 lbs.
        Specifications Base
Between arms Seat to arm Floor to seat Capacity
20”W x 221⁄2”D 18”W
81⁄2”H 19”–26”H
365 lbs.
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