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                                   Bath & Showers Chairs Bathing
Carex® Universal Bath Seat. This sturdy seat fits virtually all
EZ Bath and Shower Chair. Features sturdy construction, nonslip feet and a height-adjustable seat. Secure handles as- sist user in getting up and sitting down. The back of product can be easily folded down and the legs removed for easy storage. Tool-free assembly. Retail packaging. 081570043 $101.00
tubs and showers. Unique leg design allows length adjustment for uneven sur- faces. Seats include a hand-held shower holder. No metal parts to rust or corrode. Legs 23⁄8”. Latex free.
Drive® Shower Chair with Back and Arms. Lightweight design has large, stable legs with soft, nonslip feet. Enhanced- comfort seat fits all body shapes and sizes. Easy, tool-free height adjustment. Back, legs and arms are also tool-free removable. Retail packaging included.
081565720 $106.00
Bench $74.25 Bench with Back
           Specifications Seat
Inner leg Outer Leg Height Capacity
21”W x 18”D 121⁄2”
167⁄8” 16”–21”
400 lbs.
Specifications Capacity Depth Overall Width Seat Depth Seat Height Seat Width
350 lbs.
151⁄2” outside legs 17”
161⁄22” 16”–201⁄2”
    Specifications Width
Height Adjustable Capacity
20” 17”–23” 300 lbs.
   Etac® Swift Shower Chair/Stool. Popular with therapists and consumers. Ergonomic sturdy polypro- pylene with an anti-slip surface and sturdy aluminum enhance comfort, safety and durability. Easy to as- semble without tools and will not rust.
• Versatility. Depending on individual needs, Swift goes from a simple seat to a complete shower chair.
• Stability. The material and design of the Swift seat allows it to adjust to uneven floors and remain stable no matter what. The soft ferrules adapt themselves to the floor and ensure a good grip.
• Functional. A front or rear cut-out simplifies per- sonal cleansing and aids in drainage.
• Options. Closed-cell foam soft back and soft seat provide additional comfort and safety.
081680321 (sold separately)
    554921 (sold separately)
  Item No.
   Swift Shower Seat
       Etac® Swift Shower Chair/Stool with Back & Arm Rests
    Swift Accessories
        Optional Soft Seat Pad
      Optional Soap Dish
   Specifications Capacity
Overall Height Between arms Seat
Floor to Seat
285 lbs.
22”W x 191⁄2”D 321⁄2”–381⁄2” 173⁄4”W
211⁄4”W x 161⁄2”D 161⁄2”–221⁄2”H
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