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                                     Bathing & Showering Accessories Bathing
       EZ-ShowerTM. Provide the comfort and refreshment of a shower to bedridden clients with this simple but effective device. Fill the 21⁄2 gallon bag with warm water, carry to the bedside with its wooden handle, hang by its sturdy nylon cord on bed post or IV pole, and operate on/off valve to use water as needed. Thirty- inch hose and nozzle provide steady gentle spray for cleansing. Bag holds plenty of water for wash and rinse. Mildew resistant, heavy-duty vinyl. Latex free Optional 6037 EZ Basin sold separately.
6035 $28.30
InbedTM Head Wash System. Plastic, hollow, double-walled basin has a recessed neck rest and internal collection system for used water. The basin has a drain plug that is opened after shampooing and allows the water to drain into the hollow section between the walls. After the drain plug is tightened, the entire unit can be picked up and carried away to be emptied. Internal reservoir stores used water. 233⁄4” x 233⁄4” x 63⁄8”. Two gallon capacity. Weighs 6 lbs. when empty.
     EZ-BatheTM. Inside dimensions of the inflated tub are 69”L x 25”W x 131/2”H. Accommodates individuals up to 6’2” tall. Fits all beds. Comes complete with the fol- lowing: hand-held shower hose that connects to any tap up to 25’ away; connectors; 25’ reinforced drain hose with on/off valve that can be turned off for a long soak or on for con- stant draining; wet-and-dry vacuum for inflating tub and removing last traces of water after draining.
6034       EZ-BatheTM Tub, drain hose, hand-held shower and vacuum
603401 EZ-BatheTM Tub only $303.00
Comfort CapeTM. Allows client to re- main upright during shampooing. Soft, lightweight flexible fabric conforms
around any chair or basin. Ideal for the wheelchair-bound. Adjusts to four neck sizes with buckle fastener and hook & loop straps. Hook & loop straps provided for a snug fit. The Comfort-Cape also reduces the risk of back strain for the caregiver. 23”W x 25”L x 3”D cutout.
Includes portable vacuum for easy water drainage
  6040 $108.44 Order online. It’s click & easy:

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