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Foam/Mesh Bath Cushions.
11⁄2” thick, reticulated foam provides a comfortable seating surface and features an easy-drain supple
mesh cover. Open cell construction prevents mildew and bac- terial growth. Two 1” quick connect straps allow cushions to be securely fastened. Complete unit is machine washable.
Bath Cushion w/ Suction Cups, 12” sq. $64.30 Shower Chair Cushion, 16” sq. $64.30 Shower Chair Cushion, 12” x 16” $54.10 Transfer Bench Cushion, 25” x 16” $81.65
                                          Bathing     Bath & Shower Cushions
                          Memory Foam Cushion Ring. This cushion is made of a soft foam that absorbs impact well. It is a cooler item with improved air flow for more comfort- able seating. It may be used in a bath and shower setting, as well as around the house and
in cars. Measures 171⁄2” in diameter and
51⁄4” interior hole.
Ring Cushion. Flame-retardant foam ring for re- lieving pressure while sitting. 17” exterior diameter and 5” interior diameter. Not recommended for people who are susceptible to pressure sores. 21⁄2”H. AA3940 $30.30
Attractive Ring Cushion Cover for AA3940.
Removable cover protects foam and improves ap- pearance. Foam provides support and reduces discomfort. Washable polyester fabric. Machine wash and hang dry as needed.
081512912 $16.40
Oval Cushion. Economical, flame-retardant, oval cushion relieves pressure while sitting. Appropriate for use with hemorrhoids. Medium density foam offers good weight distribution when the user is seated. Latex free.
Padded Transfer
Bench Cushion.
Fully waterproof closed cell cushion pro- vides a comfortable, low-maintenance seating surface over hard topped shower benches. Two 1” wide, quick-connect straps allow the cushion to be securely fastened. The heavy-duty antibacterial vinyl top is laminated to the foam to prevent sliding. A low-profile design and beveled edge makes transfer easy. 25” x 16”. 557447 $122.45
Carex® Deluxe Bath
Mat. Provides a slip-re-
sistant surface for safer
bathing and show-
ering, plus features two
foot scrubbers and a
pumice stone for washing
and massaging feet. Unique shape accommodates bath and shower chair legs while hundreds of suction cups securely an- chor mat to bottom of tub. 16”W x 32”L.
14” Cushion
Sponge Bath Mat. Luxurious bath
mat dries feet faster than a terry cloth towel, with no bending or straining!
The Sponge Bath Mat dries in minutes without danger of odor, germs, or mildew. Includes an anti-skid backing for safety. 291⁄2”L x 17”W x 3⁄4”H.
557366 $15.37
   Dark Navy Blue Fits over AA3940 (sold above)
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