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                                   Reclining Shower/Commode Chairs
  Etac® Swift Mobile Shower/Commode Chairs. Easy height-adjustable shower and toilet chairs feature maximum comfort. The soft textile, adjustable backrest molds to fit the user’s back while the footrests are gently arched to provide stable, comfortable support for the feet. The armrests and foots are moveable to ensure easy transfer to and from the chair. The mobile tilt seat unit is both angle and height adjustable. Weight capacity 297 lbs., Width between arms 19”.
Swift Mobile Shower/Commode Chair. Water-repellent nylon backrest and simple height adjustment exemplify the chair’s simplicity and comfort. The armrests provide comfortable support for the arms. The wheels are the widest point of the chair, reducing the risk of injury to the user’s hands and arms. The seat is detachable for easy cleaning and can be replaced. Four lockable casters. Seat adjusts 193/4” - 231/2”H.
081499524 $1,131.90
Swift Mobile 160 Shower/Commode Chair. Same features as above chair with higher 353-lb weight capacity. Width between arms 211/4”.
081565563 $1,428.90
Swift Mobile Tilt Shower/Commode Chair. Ensures high comfort for user and caregiver. While the user is safe and comfortable, the caregiver can ma- neuver the chair easily. The moldable backrest and gently arched footrests with heel straps add extra support. A metal bar across the width of the chair—just below the top of the frame—controls the tilt function. The bar is easy to use even when caregiver is standing to the side—it’s still easy to reach and to ad- just the seat angle. Another benefit: the caregiver and user are able to maintain eye contact for better communication. Seat adjusts 193/4” - 253/4”H.
 Higher weight capacity and width between the arms.
This seat is fully open at the rear and facilitates easier unassisted hygiene
          Etac® Swift Mobile Shower/Commode Chairs Accessories.
Seat Cover for Swift Mobile. When a complete seat is required. Easy-clean polyurethane. $219.05
Positioning Safety Belt. Adjustable in length. Polyester. $53.30
Self-propelled Clean Chair with 24” rear wheels.
• Seat width: 19”
• Seat depth: 17.25”
• Width between armrests: 17” • Floor to seat height: 21.75” • Overall width: 27.5”
• Overall depth: 28”
• Cannot be used over a toilet • Weight capacity: 285 lbs. 920539 $1,611.50
    Cross Bar. For safety and additional support.
24” long. Aluminum, cellular polyethylene. $99.20
Arm Widening Kit. Increases the space between the armrests by 2”. Stainless steel. $282.95
Attachment Brackets for Pan and Bucket Holder. To be mounted beneath the seat. Pair. Polyamide. $17.20
      To add Commode Pan, must purchase 557769 commode pan holder and 081522291 attachment brackets with either 557766 or 557767 commode pan for proper installation.
Commode Pan/No Lid, Gray Commode Pan with Lid, Gray Commode Pan Holder, Gray
$63.60 $73.70
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