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             Homecraft® Height Adjustable Drop Arm Commode. Drop- down arm allows easy side transfer. The armrests are padded for extra comfort. It is height adjustable and comes with a toilet seat and pail. 559311 $238.50
Base 24”W x 163/4”D Seat 14”W x 16”D
Between arms 18”W Floor to Seat 16”–22”H
Seat Opening 8”W x 10”D Capacity 300 lbs.
 Specifications: Capacity
Between arms Floor to Seat Seat
Seat Opening Seat to arm
250 lbs.
151/2”W x 141/2”D 161/2”W
19”-23”H in 1” increments 14”W x 15”D
8”W x 10”D
 Specifications Between arms
Seat to arm Floor to Seat Overall Height
Seat Opening Capacity
A92407 24”W A92408 29”W
17”–20”H A92407 25”–30” A92408 26”–31”
18”W x 16”D
8”W x 10”D A92407 250 lbs. A92408 470 lbs.
                                                                 Toileting     Drop Arm Commodes
   Briggs® Drop Arm Commode. Features pull-pin release mech- anism that drops the padded support arms below seat level for easy, unobstructed lateral transfers. Constructed of 1” diameter, white powder-coated steel frame tubing for superior weight sup- port. The commode with slip-resistant rubber tips includes plastic seat with chrome-plated hinged lid, 8-quart capacity pail with lid and splash guard. Tool-free assembly.
081499334 $187.25
     Drop Arm Commode. Arms drop down for easy side access. Plastic armrests provide comfort. Includes toilet seat with cover, plastic bucket with cover, and splash guard. Polyester-coated steel frame.
A92407 Base: 25”W x 20”D $214.80 A92408           Base: 30”W x 21”D $296.05
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