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                                                      Sammons Preston® Sure-Lock Reacher.
Featherweight aluminum reacher with circular rubber tips. Provides a secure grip with deli- cate sensitivity to handle objects of various sizes and shapes. Wire driven jaw construc- tion eliminates the string that can stretch
and break. Easy-to-pull plastic handles have pistol-grip action for comfort in holding and operating. Sure-Lock reachers have an au- tomatic locking mechanism that holds jaws securely around the object being retrieved, and releases with a simple flip of the thumb. 3” jaw opening. Latex free.
Premium Reachers     ADL Outstanding value on locking reachers
081521673 Sure-Lock 32” Reacher $20.20 081521681 Sure-Lock 26” Reacher $19.20 081536234 Sure-Lock 26” Reacher - pack of 10 081521715 Sure-Lock 30” Folding Reacher $22.25 081521707 Sure-Lock 20” Reacher $18.20
Save $ money when you purchase a pack of 10!
Telescoping Reacher. The first adjustable-length reacher ever invented. The length can be adjusted from 30” to 44”. Twist the Locking Ring a quarter (1/4) turn to unlock and adjust to the desired length. The 51/2” jaws rotate to pick up at any angle, and they have a nonskid grip surface. Polycarbonate trigger housing and jaws. The Telescoping Reacher can lift up to 5 lbs., weighs 14 oz. 081565837 $50.50
Shoe Horn Reacher. Made of high quality aluminum and durable plastic to provide years of use and reliability. Designed for picking up objects for people with limited reach and is easy to use for slipping on shoes without straining your back. Aids individuals who have difficulty bending or reaching.
Rubber tips provide secure grip
Locking mechanism on folding reacher is simple to operate
Easy-to-use locking mechanism and built- in loop for hanging
   Expandable length 30”–44”
Carex® Ultra Grabber. Helps the user easily grasp items from hard-to-reach places. A 90° ro- tating arm simplifies the grabbing of objects from
     559370 26” 559371 32”
$29.30 $32.35
above or below. Wrist support provides additional leverage while lifting items. Retail packaging included. Available in two lengths. 081570050 26” $29.30
081570068 32” $30.30
Adapt-a-Reacher with Suction Cups. A 360° rotating head allows versatile gripping, while removable suction cups add additional grip strength. Durable rubber grip tips won’t mar object surfaces during pick up and manipu- lation. Heavy-duty fabrication, built to withstand years of heavy usage. 3” Jaw Opening.
927662 Standard 26” $30.61 927663 Long 32” $34.04
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Rotating head
Removable rubber grip tip

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