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Specifically designed for difficult compression socks
                Compression Stocking Aid. Available exclusively from Sammons Preston—a device that really works to apply compression stockings! Works like a traditional sock aid: just pull the compression hose over the form, and insert the foot. Flexible plastic.
A75440 Small 51/2”W x 11”L Rope 23” $25.25
081519032 Small Sock Aid 51/2” x 11”L Rope 23” - Pack of 5 $80.80 A75441 Large 6”W x 10”L Rope 24” $26.25
081506658 Large 6”W x 10”L Rope 24” - Pack of 5 $90.90
                                     ADL Premium/Compression Sock & Stocking Aids
     Rigid Sock & Stocking Aid with Patented Heel GuideTM. An indented channel on the inside acts as a heel guide and keeps the foot in position, making it easier to put on hosiery. Hook & loop fastener on the outside of the plastic shell holds the sock in place. The loop strap is 35”.
559334 $47.38
  Plastic Sock and Stocking Aid.
Bend the soft plastic into shape of a tube and place in sock or stocking, and insert foot. Cords are each 30” long. Adult 8”W x 91/2”L cord 30”. Latex free.
2084 $9.02
  Supreme Sock Aid. Smooth inner surface allows the foot to glide effortlessly into sock. Outer surface has a slip resistant coating that holds sock in place until foot is fully inserted. Three-finger design bends to accommodate the contours of the foot, while the loop strap enables one- or two-handed use; adjustable up to 30” (76cm). All-plastic construction eliminates the wear and tear associated with cloth sock aids.
081703370 $18.25
MBossTM Sock & Stocking Aid with Ridges.
Features popular three-finger design. The sock or stocking stays open as the three fingers bend to ac- commodate the contours of the heel and foot. Outer embossed ridges hold the sock firmly in place. Loop strap is adjustable up to 30”.
559333 $21.12
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