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                                                                  Dressing Aids & Leg Lifters ADL
                     Sammons Preston® Soft Flexible Leg Lifter. 34” long. Constructed of webbing with a semi-rigid center section. Loops for the wrist and foot made of high-strength nylon webbing. Color may vary.
AA8619 $15.15
Rigid Leg Lifter. Reinforced webbing around a rigid, yet adjustable, metal rod in the center and foot portion. Foot loop opening can be pre-bent to accommodate the width of a cast or foot. Hand loop is a flexible webbing for comfort. Lifter with Foot Grip (553186) has a flexible rubber foot grip to prevent foot from sliding out of foot loop.
Assists lifting
of a weak or casted leg onto a wheelchair’s footrest or a bed
AA8621 41” long (most adults) $15.65
081554310 41” long (most adults) Pkg of 5
AA8623 341/2” long (shorter adults/pediatric patients)
081554328 341/2” Flexible Leg Lifter Pkg of 5 $63.95
553186 40”L Leg Lifter with Foot Grip $15.76
081554336 40”L Leg Lifter with Foot Grip (pkg. of 5) $74.70 926994 29”L Leg Lifter, Rainbow (smaller adults and pediatric patients)
                Sammons Preston® Multi Loop Leg Lifter. Range-of- motion strap with multiple loops allows clients to independently perform self ROM of their lower extremi- ties. The multiple loop system can be used with one or two hands at various lengths. Each loop measures 12” long (5 loops total).
561894 $20.20
Made of washable cotton
     Our Deluxe Pocket Dresser.
The ultimate multi-tool for portable dressing needs. The four tools, large and small buttonhooks, closed-loop buttoner and zipper-pick all fold neatly into a pocket-knife style handle. The Pocket Dresser accom- modates a wide range of button and zipper sizes. Most importantly, each tool has its own aperture (pull) above the handle for easy access. Handle is made of aircraft aluminum and tools of stainless steel.
565955 $25.60
All tools can be positioned within a 180° angle to help you hold the handle and also work the tool
  Only 5” long, fits in your pocket or purse.
     DressEZ Dressing Stick. A long-handle shoehorn and helpful dressing aid—all in one! With the 24”L stick, the user doesn’t have to bend forward to take shoes on or off. Push-pull S-hook has nonslip cap for better control and slides safely along skin. Shaft flexes to prevent breakage. Big, soft foam handle. Durable and economical. The shoehorn is narrow enough for dress shoes. Weighs 4.4 oz.
081605864 $26.50
081536200 Pack of 10
550298 30” $30.53
Sammons Preston® EZ Dresser. EZ Dresser is a new one handed approach to lower body dressing, helping users to dress independently. Allows proximal stability and maintains 90 degree hip precautions, ideal for people with back pain, hip replacements, arthritis and other conditions. Simply drape pants over middle cleat, weave pants through left and right cleats, and insert feet.
7100457 $19.95
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Pocket dresser folded

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