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                                                                      Clear Zipper Pull.
Assists in closure of zippers for persons who have limited finger
grasp. Monofilament loop can be tucked out of sight. Metal clip attaches to zipper tab. Package of 3.
081510593 $13.15
Ideal for stroke and hip injuries
Cord Type Zipper
Pull. Makes dressing easier by giving the user control of zippers. A split ring is attached through the hole in
the zipper tab and the hook on the end of the pull engages the ring. When the zipper is fully closed or open, the hook is disen- gaged. Ten 1/4” (.7 cm) diameter split rings are included. Made of sturdy nylon cord with a hand loop and metal hook 18”
(46 cm) long.
081606672 $12.49
Dressing Aids     ADL Self Belt only needs
one hand to use
My Self Belt. A new line designed to help those with hand dexterity difficulties, thus promoting their independence. Unlike tradi- tional belts with difficult-to-fasten buckles, My Self belt’s closure allows the user to fasten and unfasten a belt, using only one hand! Snap the end of the belt around the front left belt loop, and slide the rest of the belt through the belt loops. Secure ends together to close. Comes in black.
       Pant Clip. This simple but effective 3” clip attaches to pants and an upper gar- ment while seated, then holds pants up as you stand erect. Cord adjusts for height by simply tying a knot. Latex free.
Pants Extender. Just slip over existing button to add one inch to pants or jeans. Also great for skirts. Virtually indestructible. 081536473 $7.10
081565365 34” - 36” 081565373 36” - 38” 081565381 38” - 40” 081565399 40” - 42”
$35.50 $35.50 $35.50 $35.50
2094 White 2045
Unique handle is easy to grasp.
  Buckingham Bra-Angel. Specifically designed to assist those with mild to moderate upper limb restrictions or limited hand dexterity.
It enables those who have the use of only one arm to be able to put on their bra independently. Adjusts to a wide variety of sizes. The telescopic action allows the Bra- Angel to be compacted and easy to carry. 16”L x 11/2”W. Latex free 556299 $35.71
 Zip-It Zipper Pull. Made of light-weight plastic. Hook on the end attaches to zipper tab. Unique shape of handle makes this device particularly easy to grasp and use. Latex free.
Ring Zipper Pull. This 1” ring with a snap hook can be attached to a regular tab, making zipping/unzipping easier. Three per package. Latex free.
2045 Zip-It Zipper Pull $12.15 2138 Ring Zipper Pull $8.10
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