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 Hands-Free Hair Dryer Pro Stand 2000. Stand holds dryer steady for one-handed styling and drying, or leaves two hands free to manipulate styling instruments. Hair dryer (not included) nestles securely in foam padded clamp on top of a flexible neck which can be adjusted to any angle from its tabletop base. Latex free.
6475 $40.40
                                                                 ADL     Grooming Accessories
    Lifestyle Long Handle Comb and Brush. Anti-
slip handle fits snugly in the hand to stay in place when in use. Provides maximum reach with minimum effort. Easy to clean
Etac 3-Piece Beauty Kit. Each product has a unique shape that makes reaching even easier. The handles are oval and have a rough surface so as to provide a secure grip. Consists of: 1-15” body washer, a 141/2” comb and a 41/4” multipur- pose grip. Holds toothbrush, shaver or nail files. 081499714 $32.68
and can be fully immersed in water. Latex free.
081612506 15” comb $15.95
081612514   14” brush (not shown) looks similar to the comb
Easy-Pull Hairbrush. Hook and loop strap with big D-ring holds brush for those with minimal hand function. Widely spaced plastic bristles have tiny bulbs on tips to glide easily through hair with minimal pull. Latex free.
6364 $25.20
Soft Bristle Hairbrush. Hook and loop strap with D-ring holds brush for those with limited grasp. Soft plastic teeth are suitable for all types of hair. Latex free.
6365 $22.16
Rechargeable Body Groomer. This All-in-One device contains a Multi- Positional Trimmer; Full-Size Shaver; Pro-Size Detailer; six-position length guide; three individual trim guides; grooming comb; recharging/ storage base; cleaning brush; oil, and retail packaging. The groomer has a rubber grip. 081565654 $50.50
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