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     Canvas zippered tote bag
 Handheld compressor with clear cover
Rubber base
7’ air tubing
  Comp XPTM Portable Handheld Compressor Nebulizer Kit.
The highly reliable Comp XP is ideal for on-the-go respiratory care of all ages. Particle size range 0.5 to 10 microns. Maximum Pressure: 36 P51; Compressor Flow: 4-8 1pm. The compressor with clear cover delivers effective medication therapy. Kit includes rubber base, 12-volt AC adapter, angled mouthpiece, tubing con- nector, 7’ air tubing, nebulizer and five air filters. Also includes rechargeable NiMH battery pack, 12-volt DC auto adapter and canvas zippered tote bag. 83/4” x 41/4” x 21/2”.
565950 $171.70
Angled mouthpiece
Respiratory Care
       The BreatherTM 1.1 Respiratory Muscle Trainer.
Featuring enhanced dual resistance settings for inhalation and exhalation, the newly designed Breather 1.1 improves breath support in speech and respiratory training. It effectively uses Resistive Breathing Training (RBT) to rebuild strength in both inspiratory and expiratory muscles of the neck and throat. Additionally, the Breather 1.1 teaches diaphragmatic breathing to improve breath support, pro- ducing positive results in clients’ cough effort, speech training, and swallow safety.
7005401 $41.70
Peak Flow Meter. Measures the force
of air expelled from the lungs. Gives early warning of airway deterioration. Features a fold-down handle and
red, yellow and green sliders for measuring your peak flow zone. Reusable and intended for pediatric or adult single patient use. 557053 $35.95
Buhl Spirometer. This lightweight, cost-
effective spirometer utilizes disposable
mouthpieces. Indicator needle records
forced vital capacity up to 7 liters and
stays at peak reading until reset. Ideal for
use as an incentive exerciser for clients
with respiratory dysfunction. Latex free.
Comes with 50 disposable mouthpieces.
926623 Buhl Spirometer $282.75
926624 Replacement Mouthpieces, package of 500 $72.70
              The MiniCompTM Compressor Nebulizer Kit. Delivers effective, efficient aerosol medication therapy. Features a built-in handle for portability. Nonslip pads ensure the unit will rest securely on any flat surface. Its easy to use, ideal for all ages. Particle size range: 0.5 to 10 microns. Unit 71/4” x 7” x 43/4”. Detailed guidebook in English and Spanish. Latex free.
   Durable suction unit and piston vacuum pump.
 Mabis Steam Mist
Inhaler. Helps relieve
allergy, cold, flu and
sinusitis symptoms.
Features soothing,
steady vapor, optimum temperature stability and vari- able steam adjustment. Soft, flexible mask conforms to face for a custom fit.
560067 $72.15
Aspirator. A durable suction unit designed for most homecare suc- tion requirements. Features a durable piston pump, nonmarring rubber feet and easy-to-read gauges. High-performance vacuum specifications adjust from 0”– 23” Hg. Single-use collection jars and connecting tubing allow quick and easy replacement (one set included). Measures 14.8”L x 6.8”W x 9.8”H.Operating flow rate 1-40 LPM. 115 VAC/60 Hz 1/10 hp shaded pole motor. UL and CSA listed.
565818 $375.64
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