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  Storage for pills in top compartment
Unique pulverizing point crushes the pill easily.
Our Popular Pill Crusher. Crushes pills and caplets into a powder for easy intake with food or liquids. A pulverizing point crushes pills with a simple twist of the wrist. A separate compartment in the top can be used for pill storage. Latex free.
3457 Our Popular Pill Crusher $10.10 081519065 Package of 15 $121.20
           Ultra Pill Crusher. New ergo- nomic design is easier to use for crushing pills than other models. Powerful crushing action created with less effort. Large capacity accommodates larger pills. Convenient storage in lid. 567087 $10.95
Apex Deluxe Pill Splitter.
With Pill GripTM. Double-beveled German steel blade stays sharp. Optical grade polycarbonate. Flexible non-slip cutting surface. For use on coated and uncoated tablets up to 1/2” in diameter. 559182 $13.15
   Durable Pill Splitter. Cuts
pill cleanly to make it easier
to swallow or to provide half
the dosage. Simply press the
lid tightly on the pill and the stainless-steel cutting edge safely splits the pill. For use on coated and uncoated tablets up to 1/2” in diameter. Latex free.
3458 Durable Pill Splitter 081506740 Package of 5
$9.90 $50.50
Save $ money when you purchase a pack of 5!
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Great low price for a pill splitter!
Pill Splitter. Heavy-duty plastic con- struction pill cutter. Splits most any size pill. Product size 31/4” x 1”. 564133 $10.60
   Pill Crusher. Unique, all-in-one design eliminates the need for mul- tiple pill medication administration devices. It’s perfect for every use or travel as you can cut, crush, store, and administer pills. Includes a built-in drinking cup for maximum convenience.
564134 $12.40

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