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                                   Low Vision ADL
      Includes leather pouch
Folding 3x Magnifier. Strong LED light technology has a long life— 100,000 hours if used intermittently. 2” x 3” magnifier with a 3x power lens. Includes button cell batteries and pouch.
565844 $22.58
3” Lighted Magnifier. This 3x power round magnifier features a 6x mini-insert lens to help the visually impaired read books, product labels, medicine bottles and more. Handle has push-button activated light. Requires two AA batteries (not included). 7”L. Latex free. 920460 $21.89
Pocket Magnifiers. Illuminated 6x magnifiers with LED bulbs with distortion- free acrylic aspheric lenses. Housed in lightweight casing with easy-open battery compartments and on/off switches. LED bulbs are rated to last approx. 10 years with normal use. Batteries last 10 times longer than those used with conventional bulbs. 564219 $45.45
  Hands Free Magnifier. Over-the-neck magnifier features a 4” lens with a 1.5x viewing area and 3x mini-lens insert. Enables individuals with visual impairment to perform closeup tasks without having to hold the magnifier. 32”L adjustable cord. 7”L x 41/2”W. Latex free. 081691955 $20.29
Round Dome Magnifier.
Solid acrylic 4x magni- fier offers optical clarity by gathering light. Glides effortlessly across any surface. View magnified object from any distance, in perfect focus. Can be used by several people at the same time! 3” diam- eter.
555792 $37.98
Includes built-in magnifier
PROP-IT “Low Vision” Bookrest. A 2-power bar magnifier
is built into this bookrest. Made of durable plastic, the patented PROP-IT can hold a wide range of printed materials—from 4” wide paperbacks to 10” thick, 10-lb. reference books. An adjustable Page Holder keeps stiffly bound books open while allowing easy page turning. Collapses flat to 11” x 8”.
555779 $24.25
  Bar Magnifier. Allows visually impaired individuals to read docu- ments line by line, complete crossword puzzles and more. The 1”W x 8”L 2x magnifier features a ruler with inch and metric markings. Latex free.
920464 $11.66
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