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                                                               ADL Furniture Risers
     Easy Risers. Create a better seated height, and shift the user’s weight forward over feet to permit leg muscles to lift from
an advantaged position. Also use cones
in different combinations to adapt table
heights for wheelchair access or ergonomic
purposes, raise bed or crib heads to facili-
tate ear drainage, reduce reflux, and ease
breathing. Ideal for ADA compliance or simple home adaptations. Set can support as much as 3000 lbs. Latex free.
920338     Set of 2, 5” Risers $19.05 920339     Set of 2, 3” Risers $19.05
Gives a weakened person a biomechanical advantage to stand on their own
StandEasy Chair Lift. Decreases stress and strain on back, knees, hips and joints, and is slip-resistant and non-marking. It’s nearly invis-
ible; does not interfere with chairs rocking or reclining. Standard recliners tilt forward and drop arms and seat of an already low chair by 3”–4”. Simply raising the chair by 5” or 6” makes it unstable.
In comparison, StandEasy raises a chair 13/4” and limits the forward tilt allowing an additional 3”–4” of lift. The total 4”–6” of extra support is safer. Attaches quickly and easily. Includes four StandEasy Chair Lift Risers, two StandEasy Chair Lift Rocker Limiters, 16 screws, Velcro® and instruction manual.
561654 $45.45
Furniture Risers.
Cones come in
set of 8, four 3” and four 4”. Heavy-duty plastic with
ribbed construction for extra strength. Wide base gives stability. Cones have protective nonskid floor pads and deep depression to hold furniture legs securely. Dark neutral color goes with any décor. Holds up to 350 lbs. 4.5”L x 4.4”W. Latex free (contains dry natural rubber). 920317 $50.50
Furniture Risers. Sturdy blocks
of multilaminated plywood. Ideal
to safely elevate a bed or chair for anyone who has trouble sitting in or rising from a low-seated position. 5” square. Adjusts 3”–6” in height. Sold individually. Latex free. Weight capacity 500 lbs per block.
557194 $26.87
Furniture Extenders. Lightweight, sturdy, 8”-high extender legs for chairs or beds. Raises leg height by 3” when used alone, or by 4” to
5” using the drop-in spacer blocks. Legs fit securely, held by internal fins which do not damage wooden legs. One piece molded base is designed
so extender can be fitted to angled legs. 4 leg extenders and 8 plastic spacer blocks per package. Fits 1”–2” diameter legs. Latex free. Max user weight - 705 lbs. - including weight of furniture, per set of four raisers. 6430 $73.69
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