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                                   Treatment Furniture Standing Systems
       Treatment Furniture
960160 560401 Shown with optional low back
EasyStand® EvolvTM. This innovative standing frame mimics the body’s natural pivot points, minimizing shear. The open base and wider seat allow for easier transfers, both independently or with the use of a patient lift. Includes two locking casters, two wheels, a manual hydraulic actuator with handle, contoured seat, flip-up kneepad, adjustable footplates, clear tray with chest pad, armrests and black Dartex® upholstery. Height range: 5’0”–6’2”. 280-lb. weight capacity. Three models available: Standard Evolv, Evolv with Glider and Evolv with Shadow Support Tray. Seat is 211/2” from the floor.
560401     Evolv $3,238.40
560403     Evolv with Glider. Includes small tray, chest pad, glide handles, adjustable
resistance cylinders, flip-up kneepads and adjustable footplates. $7,085.10 560402     Evolv with Shadow Support Tray. Provides a chest pad and tray that follows and supports the user in all positions from sitting to standing. Includes a flip-up tray
that attaches under seat and a large contoured chest pad. Must use with a
back support (sold separately below). $3,832.40 960160     EasyStand XT (Extra Tall) $4,320.80
EasyStand® StrapStand. Allows users to go from sitting to standing position directly from wheelchair. Lifting design reduces knee pressure by gently raising patient upward before pulling patient forward into a standing position. Easily fits through doorways. Open back design allows user more freedom for range of motion. Standard gray frame. Includes one
12” x 28” strap. User height range: 5’0”–6’5”.
350-lb. weight capacity.
921535B EasyStand StrapStand $3,479.30
921536 Optional Small Strap (9” x 26”) $227.65 921537 Replacement Large Strap (12” x 28”) $227.65
560403 Shown with optional high back
Optional Accessories. May be used with all Evolv models above.
560404 Low-Contour Back $714.95 560405 High-Contour Back $751.25 560406 Lateral Supports (includes
mounting bracket) $420.15
560407 Hip Guides
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