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                                                                Work Hardening
Treatment Furniture
     Lift Box
 Lift Box with Center Handle, Small
Lift Box with Lid
        Metron® Value Lift Box. All hardwood, plywood construction. 100-lb. capacity. 1” diameter chrome weight pole. Boxes without lid have angled top grip slots, making them easier to carry.
923550 Lift Box, 18 lbs. Empty Weight $179.95
923548 Lift Box with Center Handle, Small, 16 lbs. Empty Weight $169.95
923549 Lift Box with Center Handle, Large, 18 lbs. Empty Weight $179.95
923547 Lift Box with Lid, 21 lbs. Empty Weight $169.95
WorkhardTM System. Work conditioning system designed for assessment, functional capacity evaluation and work simulation. Package includes lift and place rack station, carry-all weight box, tool kit weight box, stockroom crate weight box, packing carton weight box, set of 16 disc weights, footstool, sled station, protocol manual. Assembly required.
A873500 $2,559.65 Individual Components:
A370641     Lift & Place Rack Station
30”W x 18”D x 78”H
A87374 Carry-All Weight Box $345.35
A87375 Tool Kit Weight Box (not pictured) $344.99
A87376 Stockroom Crate Weight Box $349.21
A87377 Packing Carton Weight Box
$394.28 A370643
A87378 Set of 16 Disc Weights $403.48 A370646 Footstool $289.25
A370643     Sled Station (not for use on
Metron® Value Weight Sled. Commonly used device to evaluate upper and lower extremity strength in a work hardening program. Smooth underside allows unit to be maneuvered on a variety of sur- faces. Four weight holders have total weight capacity of 250 pounds. Handle adjusts from 32”–44” high. Measures 28”L x 20”W.
      carpet) $794.95
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     Treatment Furniture

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