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                   Sammons Preston® Glass Mirrors. For educational and therapy programs where a reflective glass surface is preferred. Heavy plate glass with electroplated copper produces bright, distortion- free images. Oak laminate frame provides an attractive appearance. The single- section mirror and each panel of the three-section mirror measure 24”W and 70”H and may be locked into position. All mirrors include ANSI “Shatter Stop”
safety backing.
5350     Single-Section
5351     Three-Section $1,220.65
5350 535001 5351 Both mobile single mirror and triple mirror include easy rolling casters.
Wall Mount Mirror $473.78
                                                                    Clinical Furniture
                    Posture Mirrors. Three, 1/4”-thick distortion- free glass mirrors with ANSI safety backing, a hardwood, plywood frame and a finished almond laminated back.
561392     Mobile Adult Mirror, 261/2”W x 21”L x 72”H
including casters. $549.22 561393     Wall Mounted Adult Mirror,
25”W x 67”H. $475.28 561394     Tri-Panel Mirror. Each panel is
25”W. Overall size, 60”W x 70”H including casters. $1,188.57
Adult Posture Mirrors. Generously sized, distortion-free 1/4” plate glass mirrors are mounted in natural finish hardwood frames. Mobile units furnished with 2” casters. Glass size 23” x 67” each panel.
564673     Single mobile mirror. Overall size: 28”W x 75”H, including casters.
564674     Wall mount mirror. Overall size: 28”W x 72”H. $422.20
564675     Triple mobile mirror. Overall size for each panel: 28”W x 75”H, including casters. $1,127.00
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
     Clinical Furniture & Supplies

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