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      Storage Rack with Whiteboard
      Storage Rack with Whiteboard and Accessories: Includes (1) Set of (16) Hugger® Weights, (1) Set of (5) REP BandsTM,(2)Setsof Dumbbells(10each)
                                    Clinical Furniture     Storage
Hausmann® Storage Racks
Combination Weight Rack with Mirror. Mobile storage rack holds up to 350 lbs. of weights.
• 11 pegboard safety hooks for access
to 16 cuff weights
• Stores 20 dumbbells
• Built-in exercise band dispensers hold
5, 50-yard exercise band rolls
• Full-view distortion-free glass mirror
with safety backing
• Durable black laminate finish
• 3” swivel casters
• 30”W x 18”D x 72”H
Shipped directly from the manufacturer.
5175 $939.08
 Accessorized Multi-Purpose Economy 4-Sided Weight Rack. Coated almond color pegboard Combination Rack. Fully stocked set in front of rack has 11 pegboard safety hooks to hold 16 optional includes rack with 16 Hugger® weight
cuff weights. On the reverse side of rack are 20 dumbbell hooks
to hold 20 optional dumbbells. Built-in dispensers for five exercise bands and one spare dispenser. Built-in compartment for weight bars. Storage space in compartment for up to 10 bars. Rack is 30”W x 18”D x 591/2”H. Weight capacity 250 lbs. Durable black laminate finish. Base plate has bumper T-molding. Cart is equipped with four 2” diameter swiveling, easy-rolling casters. All weights, dumb- bells, bands and bars must be ordered as accessories. 552184 $700.33
Accessorized Economy Weight Rack. Includes Economy Weight Rack; one set of 16 Hugger weights; two sets of 10 each: 1- to 10-lb. dumbbells; one set of five REP bands; and one set of three weight bars (1-lb., 2-lb., 3-lb).
cuffs (pairs of the following weights: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5; one 7.5- and 10-lb. weight).
• Five 50 yard rolls of REP BandTM
• Two sets of ten dumbbells (a total of 20 dumbbells).
Hausmann® Storage Rack with Whiteboard. HPL non- magnetic whiteboard measures 48”H, is designed to resist scratching and offers a large blank space for notes, diagrams and therapy instructions. Front almond-coated pegboard holds (16) optional Hugger® weights. (11) pegboard safety hooks. (20) hooks hold (10) dumbbells on each side. Designed with a durable black laminate finish, 3” diameter swiveling casters, and base plate with bumper “T” molding on all four sides. Includes scissors and built-in dispensers for set of (5) REP BandsTM. 300 lb. weight capacity. 34”W x 19”D x 71”H.
Compact 4-Sided Weight Rack. Features almond-coated pegboard for storage of cuff weights; 11 safety hooks; 5 built-in dispensers for exercise bands; 2 powder-coated 10-hook metal racks on both sides of rack; storage compartment for therapy bars; and
3 plastic tubs (12” x 14” x 4”). Swiveling 3” casters for ease of mobility. 24”W x 32”L x 68”H.
969116 $982.00
Compact 4-Sided Weight Rack with Accessories. Includes 20 dumbbells (2 each: 1–10 lbs.); 5 resistive exercise bands, 5 weight bars (1 to 5 lbs.); 6 “Soft-Ball” Hand Weights; and 16 cuff weights. 969117 $2,189.70
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