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                                   Storage     Clinical Furniture
                              Hide-A-Way Cabinet. Holds up to 18 cuff weights, 10 dumbbells, 5 rolls of exercise band and/or tubing and more. Cabinet rests on the floor and must be secured to the wall. Mirror has polished edges with ANSI safety backing. Four adjustable shelves. Weights and accessories sold separately.
563853 $1,124.62
Stationary Super
Kiosk. Six independent,
quick-change positions
for holding your choice
of exercise band (50 yds.
hollow core center only)
and/or tubing. Minimum
floor space required.
Strong polycarbonate
dumbbell rods are
angled for added sta-
bility. Protective bumper
molding around base.
Integrated BandRac for
storing exercise bands
is removable and can
be mounted to the wall.
Holds 22 dumbbells and
6 rolls of exercise band
and/or tubing plus 4 ad-
justable shelves to store
much more. (Tubing spools
sold separately. All items shown not included.) 960310 $987.50
     Thera-Wall Therapy Storage System Mix and match sections to meet all your storage needs
Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4
Thera-WallTM Therapy Storage System. Each all-laminate cabinet module is 32”W x 22”D x 78”H and is equipped with two oak laminate hinged doors with locks. Can be easily attached to any wall and is easily movable. Supplies not included.
          Section 1. Features upper dispenser for optional resistive exercise bands. Includes 20-hook metal racks on both interior sides for storing dumbbells. Inside back has almond-coated pegboard back to hold up to 16 cuff weights. Includes 11 pegboard hooks.
969120 $1,415.88
Section 2. Includes 8 plastic storage tubs (12” x 14” x 4”) and 5 adjustable shelves.
969121 $1,524.77
Section 3. Features lower built-in storage bin for therapy bars and space for owners canes and crutches. Almond pegboard back is equipped with 11 pegboard safety hooks for miscellaneous items. (canes and crutches not included.)
969122 $1,299.33
Section 4. Includes 3 laminate storage drawers and 3 adjustable shelves.
969123 $1,528.67
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