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        Intelect® Shortwave Diathermy Unit. The SWD100 offers several treatment, inter- face, on-board clinical protocols, graphics library and 200 user-defined protocol storage slots. Patients receive deep, soothing heat therapy with customizable treatment param- eters or a simplified process for true touch and go therapy.
• 360° swivel rotation of the easy-to-use interface, which has a full-color LCD touch
• Clinical Education Resources including: full-color graphics library of anatomical im-
ages and pathologies, applicator placement images, diathermy rational and diathermy
• Automatic resonance tuning
• Continuous and Pulsed modes
• Robust, multi-jointed, pivoting electrode arms
• Adjustable treatment timer
• Two output channels
• Patient safety switch
• Patient Documentation of treatment sessions, pre- and post-treatment patient pain
scales, pain mapping and pain types all captured on Patient Data Cards
• Dimensions: 24”W x 12”D x 45.5”H. Weighs 60 lbs. 454776 $8,924.85
Intelect® Diathermy Accessories. Includes Inductive Drum (Monode), connection cable, right arm, indicator tube, and CD manual. The Capacitive Method requires the left side arm and two Capacitive Electrodes of the same size.
Model         Item No.     Description Price A       081509165     Diplode $2,315.52 B       081509173     Replacement Inductive Drum (Monode)     $1,274.38 C       081509181     Capacitive 120mm electrode (1x)     $248.47 D       081509199     Capacitive 165mm Electrode (1x)     $265.28 E       081509207     Capacitive 80mm Electrode (1x)     $218.00 F         081509215     180 x 120mm Soft Rubber Electrode     $310.98
081509223       250 x 145mm Soft Rubber Electrode     $314.13 081509256       Electrode Arm     $219.58
Auto*Therm® 391. A pulsed and continuous shortwave diathermy unit. It comes with two soft-rubber plate capacitive applicators with flexible cables, six felt spacers, two cloth covers, two elastic straps, a power cord, an arm, inductive soil applicator and heavy duty cart. Patients can choose between the deep penetration of inductive coil diathermy or the shallower capacitive style with the soft-rubber plates. Weighs 60 lbs. Measures 37”H x 19”W x 19”D. Warranty is 2 years, one year on applicators and accessories. 551920 $9,632.03
                              C, D, E
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