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                                                                  Dry Heat Therapy
    923651 Ultra115
     Fluidotherapy®. These units heat and circulate Cellex® particles resulting in a warm massage for treated extremities. All Fluidotherapy® branded units are electronically programmable. Adjustable controls allow the regulation of tem- perature (maximum temperature 125°), airflow (particle speed) and pulse mode (pressure oscillations). Each unit has an automatic timer, a wake-up pre-heater mode and locking casters. UL, CSA ap- proved. Choose from two models: FT110 and Ultra115.
923650 FT110
FT110. Single extremity unit for treating the hand, wrist, elbow, ankle or foot. Requires 20 amp-dedicated circuit. Includes 30 lbs. of Cellex® medium. 923650 FT110 $5,600.00
560768 Side Sleeve for FT110 $110.00
Ultra115. Double extremity unit for treating two hands or two feet indepen- dently or simultaneously. Includes 40 lbs. of Cellex® medium.
923651 Ultra115 $7,050.00
560789 Side Sleeve for Ultra115 $110.00
560790 Top Sleeve - Universal $110.00
923653 Replacement Cellex® medium, 10-lb. bag. $99.00
       Thermo-Therapy Units. Dry heat therapy gently mas- sages extremities, resulting in improved circulation, healing and comfort. Units feature Celstim® therapeutic medium granulated or ground cellulose particles kept in animated suspension by heated air forced through an air distributor and held by a housing and flexible Velcro® tightening sleeves. Table Top models have a single front and single top entry ports. Floor model has two top and rear entry ports as well as two independent blower motors. Thermostatically controlled heater can quickly heat medium up to 128°F (53.3°C); temperature indicated by a digital thermometer. Treatment time is controlled by a built-in electronic timer. Includes Celstim® and complete instructions.
925175 Table Top Unit - 10-lb. capacity $3,741.67 554144     Table Top Unit - 12-lb. capacity $4,488.07
Optional 30”H Stand for 10-lb. tabletop unit
Cart $389.00
  Replacement Celstim® Particles. Twice filtered to remove all fine particles. 925177 $91.60
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