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                                   Hot & Cold Therapy
         Magic Heat Pads. Instantly warm up the pack with the click of a little metal disc inside the unit. It is non-toxic and gives off heat up to approximately 130° F (54° C). This instant pack is portable and can be reused more than 100 times. Reset the heat pad by placing
it in a pot of boiling water until all of the crystals melt back down to a liquid state. Excellent for muscle spasms, shoulder and neck pain and much more.
568323 9” x 5.5” $25.95 568324 10” x 7” $27.15
  Flexi-WrapTM. This 4” plastic film on a roller makes wrapping easy to do with just one hand. Provides compres-
sion while clear film allows inspection of injury. Built-in hand brake on roller makes tearing easier. Self-adhering .80 mil film comes in rolls 650’ long.
928506 Six Flexi-Wrap Rolls with One Handle $50.50
928507 Six Flexi-Wrap Replacement Rolls $51.90
081679885 Flexi-Wrap Handle Only $10.45
Uni-PatchTM Compression Wrap.
Constructed of a durable latex-free stretch- able white fabric, offering excellent memory and reusability. Measures 3”W x 48”L. 922278 $11.10
                       Instant Hot/Cold Packs. Flexible material is designed to conform to body contours
for the on-the-spot, convenient use. Instant Cold packs are activated with a single squeeze to offer immediate relief to injured areas and help reduce swelling. Ideal for minor sprains, burns, nosebleeds and head- aches. No refrigeration needed. Instant Hot Packs provide soothing warmth and are perfect for neck pain, arthritis, back and shoulder injuries, muscle strains, aches, ten- sion and cramps. 24 packs per case.
CoolXChange. No refrigeration needed and ready to use—any time, any place! Works immediately to provide up to 2 hours of advanced recovery for pain and inflam- mation. Simply wrap on the affected area, and CoolXChange transfers heat energy
out via evaporation, while the gel bandage provides instant compression and cooling to minimize swelling and promote faster recovery. Can be worn continuously and comfortably for extended periods without the risk of ice burns. No mess, no smell and self-adhesive, plus comes in a convenient resealable package.
559905 559906
ThermaCare® Air-Activated Heat Wraps. Apply consistent, penetrating low-level therapeutic heat up to 8 hours. Ultra-thin conforming cloth-like material, easily applied; discreet under clothes. Disposable; individually wrapped in air-tight pouches. Small back fits waist sizes 33” and smaller; large back fits waist size 34” and larger.
567630 Back and Hip S/M, 2 box $13.10 559905 Back and Hip L/XL, 2 box $13.10 559906 Neck and Arm, 3 box $16.15 559907 Menstrual Patches, 3 box $12.65
   Item No.
 Cold Pack 4 x 5
 Cold Pack 5 x 9
  Hot Pack 5 x 9
   081685460 Regular, 3” x 47” 081685478 Large, 3” x 118”
$29.95 $39.95
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