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                Adjustable Whirlpool High Chair. Features include: chrome- plated finish; padded, black, vinyl, upholstered seat and back; safety belt; close fit chair design. Height range: 29”–43”.
3703 $807.84
Chair does not ship with casters
Adjustable Whirlpool Low Chair. Features include: chrome- plated seat frame; stable, 5-leg all-aluminum base; padded, black, vinyl, upholstered seat and back; 31⁄2” glides; safety belt included; easy close fit base design. Height range: 19.5”–26”. No casters. 3705 $792.47
                       Item No.
    15g (for 13–20 gal. tank) - 48/box
    50g (for 44–66 gal. tank) - 24/box
    30g (for 26–40 gal. tank) - 36/box
      80g (for 70–105 gal. tank) - 24/box
     5-lb. bottle
                                                               Modalities Hydrotherapy
     Hydrolift Whirlpools. Helps raise and lower a single whirlpool to treat upper and/or lower ex- tremities. The Hydrolift is fully adjustable, and the whirlpool rim height can be raised to 32”, 36”
or 38”, depending upon the model being lifted.
In normal operating conditions, the Hydrolift will remain as a stationary lift. However, both Hydrolift and whirlpool may be moved by lowering the whirl- pool to the ground and using the whirlpool casters.
920067   10 Gallon 920068   15 Gallon 920071   22 Gallon
$6,951.62 $7,669.90 $8,341.55
     Li’l Champ Whirlpools. The perfect solu- tion for busy hand therapy clinics. Capacity: 41/2 gallons. Measures 82/3”H x 133/4”W x 231/4”D and weighs only 26 lbs.
554315 Li’l Champ Whirlpool $3,055.42
554866 Li’l Champ Whirlpool with Separate Drain Pump
$3,816.96 566716 Cart $389.00
HydroChlorTM Whirlpool
Antiseptic. Water-dissolvable
packets are easy to use and highly effective with hydrotherapy treatments. Fill the whirlpool to desired level, drop in the required size of HydroChlorTM packet and agitate 2–3 minutes. Contains 100% Chloramine-T, proven to be an effective way to sanitize. Chloromine-T is stable and has functions for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, E-coli, MRSA and spores.
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