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                                                                  Wound Care Dressings
Wound & Scar Care
   PuracolTM Plus Collagen
Dressings. Highly absorbent mate-
rial converts to soft, gel sheet that
stays in intimate contact with wound
bed as it absorbs exudate. Allows
body’s own fibroblasts to act nor-
mally. Cut to fit any size of acute or chronic wound with light to heavy exudate.
56693201 2” x 2.25”, 10/box 56693202 4.25” x 4.5”, 10/box 566265 1” x 8” Rope, 10/box $195.95
Elasto-GelTM Cast and Splint Pads. Absorbent hydrogel pro- vides excellent protection against pressure and friction. Sterile pads provide uniform pressure over scars from burns and grafts. 4-way stretch fabric covering allows gel pad to conform intimately to the skin. Mild but firm adhesion to dry skin. 1/8” thick. Latex free. A8273 4” x 4”, 25/bx. $158.55
A8274 6” x 8”, 5/bx. $82.80
A8275 12” x 12”, 5/bx. $198.95
559714 4” x 4”, 5/bx. $32.30
DrawTex®. Made up of three layers and creates an optimal wound healing environment. Provides hydroconductive debridement that lifts and loosens adherent slough. Even slough that is not taken up into the dressing migrates toward the dressing so that it can be easily removed when the dressing is changed.
The non-adherent,
LevaFiberTM technology is a
combination of two types of
absorbent cross-action struc-
ture that creates the ability
to draw exudate away from
the wound surface while removing toxic components, such as slough, necrotic tissue and bacteria. Works well as a surgical drain or for diluting the concentration of bacteria, achieving a natural vacuum and stopping the production of wound barriers.
PuracolTM Plus AG. Advanced, native collagen with antimicrobial ionic silver and a unique three-dimensional structure. Helps pro- mote cell growth.
566107 2” x 2.22”, 10/box
Xeroform. Sterile, non-adhering petroleum dressing covers and protects wounds. Use
on skin grafts, sutures, lacerations, abrasions and minor burns. Absorbent fine mesh gauze. May be used with other dressings. Latex free.
$163.60 $435.30
   A9908 1” x 8”, 50/bx. A9909 5” x 9”, 50/bx.
$82.80 $129.25
 Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant. Non-stinging: con- tains no solvents or activators. Protects from the effects of fric- tion and moisture (urine, exudate, sweat and other bodily fluids) that can cause maceration. Can be used on intact or damaged skin. Fast drying and breathable. Change frequency is up to 3 days; reapply as needed. 0.5 g ampule. 10/bx.
565510 $107.05
   Item No.
 Sell Packaging
  3” x 3”
   4” x 39”
 4” x 4”
   3” x 39”
    XTRASORB® Classic Dressing. For heavily and extra-heavily exuding wounds. Flat edges conform well to healthy skin and facilitate application. Features an absorbent core with super-absorbent polymer fibers that soak up large quantities of wound exudate, forming a gel that binds and locks the exudate away from the wound. The blue strike-through outer layer protects clothing and bedsheets against soiling. Non-adhesive and sterile.
568294 4” x 5”, 10/bx. $72.58
568295 6” x 9”, 10/bx. $145.16
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      Wound & Scar Care

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