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Exercise Cardio
    Spirit MT200 Treadmill.
Featuring three motors, (speed, incline and decline), that work together to help users achieve bi-directional training in combination with uphill or downhill protocols. Adding more versatility to exercise and therapy options, the parallel bars, deck height and belt speed ac- celeration are adjustable in small and precise increments. Biofeedback is offered for clinicians to accurately assess user gait performance. Feedback includes step count, steps per minute (cadence), stride length and left vs. right gait symmetry. As a result, the MT2000 is ideal for pediatric exercises, neurologically impaired pa- tients and other populations. Detachable step lowers step-up height from 10”
to 5”. Electrical leakage less than 300 microamps. Handrails: 24.5”–34.5”H x 19.5”–31”W.
081694918 $8,344.56
SCIFIT AC5000M Treadmill. Commercial-grade treadmill has side handrail switches for speed and elevation and emergency stop magnets for added safety. Reverse and decline features standard. The AC5000M helps your patients progress toward their goals. Intelli-FitTM offers integrated assessment and ability to record workouts. Electrical leakage less than 300 microamps. 560729 $7,497.10
Connect to an ECG via the USB Port
           SportsArt T655MD Treadmill. Offers an extra high 22%
incline and long medical handrails that can rise, lower and angle inward. Detachable step lowers step-up height from 10” to 6”. The T655MD comes standard with a wired controller, allowing therapists to easily control both speed and incline of the unit. Reverse and decline capability offer additional functionality. Electrical leakage less than 300 microamps. Handrails: 37.8”–49”H when vertical, 16.1”–35.4”W when angled inward.
7101386 $8,650.00
         See page 38 for specifications.
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    Exercise Cardio

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