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                                                               Massage & Wellness Soft Tissue Therapy Instruments
   HawkGrips Soft Tissue Therapy Instruments. These precision-engineered therapy instruments glide over the skin to detect and treat soft- tissue injuries. The surgical-grade stainless steel instruments are used to break up abnormal densities in scar tissue and initiate the healing process. They feature single- and double-bevel edges as well as flat edges that allow for precise treatment of injuries. Additionally, they are de- signed with a cross-hatched gripping that prevents slippage, eases the strain placed on the hands and extends career longevity. Instruments are non-porous, which eliminates transfer of bacteria, and they can be cleaned easily.
    Massage & Wellness
  Platinum Set. The HawkGrips Platinum Set contains nine instru- ments, providing the most options for the user. Includes small, medium and large Handlebar instruments (HG1-HG3), all six small instruments (HG4-HG9), roll-up carrying case, shoulder bag, one jar of regular emollient and a training manual.
7100757 $3,195.00
The HGPro Multi-Instrument. Features seven different treatment edges, making it extremely versatile. In addition to the instrument, the HGPro includes a drawstring pouch, one jar of regular emollient and a user manual.
081695352 $399.00
Handlebar Instruments. Perfect for treating large muscle groups including shoulders, back, neck, side abdominals and hamstrings. • Small Handlebar—best for petite patients/athletes.
• Medium Handlebar—best for average-size patients/athletes.
• Large Handlebar—best for bigger patients/athletes. 7100758 Small $495.00
7100759 Medium $495.00
7100760 Large $495.00
Gold Set. HawkGrips most popular, the Gold Set, has everything needed for standard practice. Includes the medium Handlebar (HG2), all six small instruments (HG4-HG9), roll-up carrying case, one jar of regular emollient and a training manual.
7100756 $2,395.00
Multi-Curve Instruments. Designed to treat a wide variety of muscle groups and joints.
• The large Multi-Curve features both single-bevel and double-bevel
treatment edges and is ideal for treating larger patients/athletes.
Perfect for elbows, calf areas, knees, ankles and feet.
• The medium Multi-Curve features both single-bevel and double-
bevel treatment edges and is perfect for wrists, elbows, calf areas
and knees.
• The small Multi-Curve features single-bevel, double-bevel and
convex treatment edges to allow you to treat more precise areas. It is best for treating small muscle groups and joints, and designed to treat fingers, hands, toes and feet.
568769 Small $484.95 568770 Medium $484.95
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568771 Large

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