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                                  Exercise Cardio Matrix Treadmills
   MATRIX Treadmills.
The perfect balance of engineering, effectiveness, aesthetics and low maintenance. Featuring belts that last longer, motors that run smoother and machines that look better. 3-year warranty on parts and labor.
  MATRIX T1x Treadmill. The large LED display provides easy viewing and simple controls. Low, 7.5” step-on height allows easy entry/exit.
MATRIX T3x Treadmill. Users of all experience levels can easily navigate through the controls. The T3x is similar to the T1x, with added features such as a weight capacity of 400 lbs. and more workout programs.
569043 $6,995.00
MATRIX T7xe Treadmill. Vista ClearTM Television technology provides the most vibrant picture quality in the industry! FitTouch 15” display is easy and intuitive for users of all levels. The Ultimate DeckTM impact-absorption system provides superior performance and durability, offering over 25,000 miles of maintenance-free per- formance. Includes optional power cord.
569070 $10,995.00
      MATRIX T5x Treadmill. Controls on the cross bar allow users easy access for quick start, stop and cool down. Integrated 3-speed per- sonal fan; 9.5” step-on height. Compatible with iPod for charging. 569042 $8,995.00
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  Exercise Cardio

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