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   MJM Universal Therapy Cart. Made of healthcare- grade PVC pipe and fittings with rust-proof casters. Holds multiple exercise balls and up to eight weighted bars. 44”L x 19”D x 58”H. 081627488 $338.75
 MJM Ball Racks. Convenient wall storage. Heavy-duty PVC pipe. Racks hold balls between 45cm–75cm diameters.
920015 Pair of Wall Racks $92.75
920017 Pair of Corner Racks $92.75
Provides convenient storage and organization for clinic and play areas
MJM Therapy Ball Racks. The Mobile Rack and Therapy Ball Stationary Rack each have three shelves. The Wall Mount Rack is an individual shelf held by three screws on each side, and can hold up to three large balls; it is ideal for keeping equipment out of the way during workouts. Mounting screws included for the Wall Mount Rack. 8199     Mobile Rack, 64”L x 19”W x 62”H $262.85
819901 Wall Mount Rack, 58”L x 17”W x 3”H $78.35 819902     Stationary Rack, 64”L x 19”W x 58”H $245.35
                                  Exercise Supplies
Fitness Packages & Storage
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Self-Guided Deluxe Exercise Package. Combination of a variety of training tools and a convenient storage display. This commercial- grade package can be used in any environment.
Package comes with:
• Three Exercise Mats
• Two Rollers
• Medicine Balls: one 4 lb., two 6 lb., two 8 lb., one 10 lb.
• Stability Balls, one of each: 55 cm, one 65 cm, one 75 cm
• Resistance Cables, one of each: 10 lb., 20 lb., 30 lb., 40 lb., 50 lb. • Two pairs of Quick Switch Flex Handles
081628734 $1,888.00
   Self-Guided Basic Exercise Package. Featured in the package are the Smart Mat, Smart Roller, Smart Medicine Balls and Smart Stability Balls. The Mat pictures 14 core exercises on one side, and 14 stretching poses on the other. The 6’L x 2’W mat has a durable nonslip surface and can be rolled easily for storage and transportation. The Roller depicts nine exercises that release muscle tension. The Medicine Balls have eight exercises printed on each and they are textured for a reliable grip with a weighted center to work different muscle groups. The Stability Balls with illustrations of 13 exercises are burst resistant and include a pump.
The Package includes:
• One Smart Mat
• One Smart Roller
• Four Smart Medicine Balls: 4 lb., 6 lb., 8 lb. and 10 lb.
(1.8kg, 2.7kg, 3.6kg and 4.5kg)
• Two Smart Stability Balls: 25.6” & 29.5” (65 & 75cm) 081628742 $442.85
  Exercise Supplies

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