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                                     Hand Excercise   Exercise Supplies
     Hand Grips. Resistive exerciser for advanced hand muscle strength- ening. 43/8” distance between outside handle ends. Sold in pairs. A8481 Medium Tension, Red, 25-lb. resistance $13.90
A8482 Heavy Tension, Black, 40-lb. resistance $13.90
Resistive Hand Exercisers. Excellent for progressive strengthening of hand and forearm muscles.
• Deluxe Hand Exerciser combines three
springs and five settings for resistance
from 10–100 lbs.
• The Pro Hand Exerciser offers five
springs and 25 tension settings for 5–150 lbs. of resistance. Simple to adjust. Approx. 33/4” distance between outside handle ends. Latex free.
A8461 Deluxe Hand Exerciser $33.49 550874 Pro Hand Exerciser $40.22
A848003 Extra-Heavy Tension, Blue, 55-lb. resistance
   Spring Grips. Ideal for clinic or home programs to increase hand and forearm strength. Distance between outside edges of handles is 23/4”.
Spring Resistance Hand
Exercisers. Strengthens hand and
forearm muscles. The Standard model
includes three springs and five holes
for resistance from 10–100 lbs. The
Deluxe model offers five springs and
5 holes for 5–150 lbs. of resistance,
along with covered grips for comfort.
Simple to adjust. Approximately 33/4” distance between outside handle ends.
081520857 Deluxe $30.25
081520865 Standard $20.75
   Item No.
 10 lbs.
 15 lbs.
 30 lbs.
  60 lbs.
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