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                                   Shoulder Exercise & Skate Systems
Exercise Supplies
           Rolyan® Incline Board.
Molded-plastic board can be mounted permanently or tem- porarily. Can be positioned at different angles. 31”H x 81/2”W, with a 24” base. Use bilateral or single handle. Sliding piece is a 23/4” x 51/2” x 81/2” box to which weights can be added.
A4101 $304.85
Figure-8 Board System. Consists of a 431/2” x 25” figure-8 shoulder exercise board, a hand skate and a resistance system. A steel reinforcing rim makes the board rigid without being too heavy. Four eye bolts are attached to the skate to hook the weight system on. The board system fastens to provide resistance. Latex free.
 5267     Complete System
5268 Skate Only 5270 Board Only
$123.56 $144.17
  Incline Board. Can be positioned at varying angles, used unilaterally or bilater- ally. Weights may be added to box. Board is 27” x 10”
x 23/8”. Weight box: 83/8” x 83/8” x 31/8”. Latex free. 5234 $384.19
   Economy Arm Skate. Contoured arm skate on quiet ball-bearing casters mea- sures 6” x 12”. Includes an easy-to-fasten Velcro® strap and is lined with synthetic sheepskin for comfort. Latex free.
5266 Arm Skate $87.77
Exercise Skate. For range-of-motion exer- cise. Foam-padded wood platform, covered with Naugahyde®, has Velcro® straps and four ball casters. 13/4” high; 6” wide. Latex free.
2509 6” long $81.15 2509A 12” long $88.60
Arm/Leg Combo Skate. Removable, molded hand positioner allows for ergo- nomically correct positioning of the wrist and hand. Added skate length and removal of the hand positioner make it ideal for use with the lower extremity as well. Measures 19” x 8”. Latex free.
5254 $163.65
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